Charity Program


Good Earth Expedition provides adventure travel service trips throughout the world with a mission to give participants the experience of a lifetime that serves the good for all. We offer unique trekking, safari, yoga and service-day packages that allow people to enjoy the natural beauty, culture and wildlife of the country, while also working closely with small local communities and international nonprofit organisations to help improve the lives of students and young children. Each trip offers participants a hands-on opportunity to be of service to the locals, with activities ranging from planting trees to building classrooms. Additionally, a portion of all proceeds goes to the specific, urgent needs defined by the local community, including providing school supplies, clean water, books, medical supplies and mosquito nets. Partnering with local doctors, nurses, farmers, teachers and community leaders, we work to help improve living conditions, overcome poverty, and build links to markets. Our team of experts monitor the results of each GE project and adapt approaches as needed.

Our first trip, Kilimanjaro Expedition For Mosquito Nets in July 2021, will bring much needed mosquito nets to Tanzania to help prevent malaria, educating people how to properly use the nets for maximum efficacy.

Good Earth Expedition always has everyone’s highest good in mind. Leading up to each trip, we help you prepare with fitness and training tips, gear recommendations, and important travel information. We also make it easy for you or your adventure team to increase your positive impact by creating a fundraising site and social media links where you can raise further donations if you like.

Kilimanjaro Charity Trek 2021

You Kilimanjaro with us and climb the world’s tallest free-standing mountain for a charity

27 Days Safari Guided Motorcycle Tour

As you ride up and over several beautiful mountain ranges and enjoy the scenery of rural Tanzania

15 Days Mosquito Nets Safari Journey

Today’s ride is very scenic and as you ride up and over several beautiful mountain


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