Climbing Kilimanjaro Guide

We have led groups of kind up KIlimanjaro even groups of blinds four times up Kilimanjaro.
Despite being the most accessible mountain peak for the summit, many hikers fail to reach Uhuru peak with an elevation of 5895m of the tallest mountain of Africa. The reason may be lack of knowledge about routes, low fitness, carelessness and non-availability of strong Climb Kilimanjaro Guide. In the earlier centuries, athletes with superb fitness failed to make it to the summit because of lack of practical knowledge about the weather conditions of Mount Kilimanjaro. So, after the 80s, the success rates increased while hikers understood the real causes of failures. As one of the best and experienced Kilimanjaro Hiking Guide, we are providing Mount Kilimanjaro Guided Hike to enhance your possibility to reach at the summit by more than 98%.
Our Climb Kilimanjaro Guide provides the Kilimanjaro Map and Guide related to cost for Kilimanjaro, altitude sickness and physical fitness it requires. For Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, check your fitness level, quality gear, resistance for altitude sickness and adverse climatic conditions especially in alpine or highly desert zones.
As a Kilimanjaro Guide with 118 summits, we give priority to your health and safety when you are on high altitude. The severe altitude sickness can lead to Acute mountain sickness. As Mount Kilimanjaro is above 4000m above sea level, we will provide you the Kilimanjaro organized trips with proper equipment, nutritious diet, medicines for Kilimanjaro altitude sickness and guidance.