At The South-Western Edge Of South America, Chile Feels A World Away. Mountains, Glaciers, Deserts And A Rugged Coastline

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Chile, the long and narrow country that stretches along South America's western edge, is known for its beautiful landscapes and coastline. Santiago, its capital city, sits in a valley surrounded by the Andes and Chilean Coast Range mountains, making it a breathtakingly picturesque destination. The neoclassical cathedral and National History Museum line Plaza de Armas' palm-lined square, making it the perfect place to experience all that Chile has to offer.

Chile, land of extremes. Birthplace of the impossibly blue Atacama desert and home to the world's most southern city, Chile is a traveler's paradise.

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360 km²
117 m
1.369 million (2015)
Zoran Radojičić
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