Welcome To Mexico

Welcome to Mexico City! This high-altitude capital is famous for its ancient temples, Baroque cathedrals, and Rivera murals. Whether you're here to explore the city's history or take in the vibrant culture, you'll find something to capture your imagination. Enjoy a taste of Mexico City with our authentic cuisine, or relax in one of our beautiful parks.
One of the first fun facts about Mexico is that its name is not really Mexico. Mexico’s real name is the United States of Mexico, aka Estados Unidos Mexicanos. This country is divided into states like this U.S. Mexico has 31 states and a Federal District. Every state has its own police, regulations, and laws.
Travelers tend to make their way out to Mexico for a summer vacation on the beach. Yet, the country is much more than a beach destination
With its diverse landscape ranging from snow-capped mountains to arid deserts, there's something for everyone in Mexico. From adrenaline-pumping adventure to lazy days by the shore
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