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Zambia is a beautiful country located in the southern region of Africa. It shares borders with five other countries and is home to a diversity of wildlife, including many parks and safari areas. From Victoria Falls – one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World – to Batoka Gorge, there’s plenty to see and do. Make sure to check out Victoria Falls Bridge for a spectacular view of the falls!

Lake Kariba is the world's largest man-made lake, and it's not just a beautiful sight - it's also a great place to fish! This massive reservoir stretches 226km long and is up to 40km wide in some places. It provides electricity to Zambia and Zimbabwe, and there's a thriving commercial fishing industry on Lake Kariba. You'll find all kinds of freshwater fish here, as well as Nile crocodiles - so be sure to bring your fishing rod!

Zambia is named for a river
The Republic of Zambia takes its name from the Zambezi river which flows along the border between Zambia and Zimbabwe. The Zambezi is the fourth-longest river in Africa after the rivers Nile, Congo, and Niger. As of 2021, the population of Zambia is almost 19.2 million. The capital city is Lusaka, which has 2.7 million inhabitants.

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