Rongai Route

Rongai Route has been one of the favourite routes for many Kilimanjaro Climbers.  And, interestingly this is the only route which approaches Kilimanjaro from the north side. If you’re looking for quieter and more relaxed trekking, then Rongai Route should be at the top of the list.

Rongai Route is considered less scenic compared to other Kilimanjaro Routes. Still, this trail passes through a wide range of diverse landscapes including lush rainforests to alpine meadows. Rongai Routes also let you spot a variety of wildlife. Moreover, as this route approaches from the North-side, which is less prone to rainfall, you will get an undisrupted and cloudless view of the mountain.

Rongai Route takes 6-8 days to complete, and you can choose two itineraries, 6 days- 7 days. We suggest you chose 7 day – itinerary over 6 days as that one extra day will help you adjust your body to acclimatise to high altitude.

Compared to other routes Rongai Route is easy as it has an incline throughout. And, it does not require any technical climbing or any previous climbing experience. The only requirement is you need a good pair of hiking boots.

Rongai Route is made for first-time climbers and those who have little or no climbing experience. What makes this route a good choice for climbers, is its stunning scenery, good acclimatization opportunities and peaceful atmosphere.

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Among the various routes to reach the, the Rongai Route stands out as a remarkable choice, offering immersive views, diverse landscapes, and an unforgettable experience.


  Ages 8+   $2765

If you have a dream of climbing Kilimanjaro, then the Machame route is the most suitable route

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Rongai At A Glance

Rongai Route at a Glance

Total Length

The total length of the Rongai Route is 73 km/45 miles.

Difficulty Level

The difficulty level of the Rongai Route is low and it is less hard compared to other Kilimanjaro Routes. It has gradual ascents which makes the climbing experience a little easier.

Success Rate

The average success rate of Rongai Routes is 80% for seven-day routes and 65% for six-day routes.


Depending upon the itinerary chosen It takes 6-8 days to complete Rongai Route.  This route can be completed in just 6 days but 7- days is recommended. As that one extra day gives you more time to acclimatise and increases your success rate in Kilimanjaro Climbing.

Rongai Travel Faq

1 What are some highlights of the Rongai Route?

  • Less crowded compared to other routes
  • The perfect route for climbing Kilimanjaro in the rainy season
  • Let you spot wildlife
  • You can get an incredible view of both sides of the mountain.
  • The gradual ascent of the Rongai Route reduces the risk of altitude sickness.

2 Is Rongai Route too busy?

Rongai Route is considered less busy compared to other routes on Kilimanjaro. Hikers avoid this route thinking it’s not scenic. But that’s not true this route is beautiful and it offers a relaxing trekking experience.

3 What kind of accommodation is available on Rongai Route?

On Rongai, you will get a camping accommodation option. You will be provided with all camping equipment, including your tent, sleeping mat and pillow.

4 How much does Rongai Route cost?

$2500-$2800 per person. This cost the typical cost of a seven-day itinerary on the Rongai Route. This cost includes all your expenditure on 7- a day itinerary.


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