Kilimanjaro, Tanzania

8 Days Tanzania Horse Ride Serengeti Safari

  • As you travel through the Serengeti National Park, see more animals than ever before. This is a land of endless possibilities for travelers who want to experience Africa at its most raw and untouched - just watch out! There are lions everywhere; leopards hunting their prey on open grasslands or rhinos browsing in patches near riversides while elephant populations numbers grow into hundreds across this expansive territory that was once nothing but dry savannahs until it became home over twenty five thousand years ago when humans first appeared along side them during what would become known as The Lucyolutions™ (a prehistoric


12 - Day Lemosho route program

  • 1 Arrival day
  • 1 Day rest, packing and pre-briefing
  • 6-Days trekking up the mountain (Ascent)
  • 2-Days trekking down the mountain (Descent)
  • 2 - Travel Day's
Spectacular scenery through various habitats Sweeping vistas of Mt. Kilimanjaro from the western slope looking out toward Mt. Meru and Moshi Town An extra day and half to acclimatize An unforgettable summit sunrise A less crowded route with a high success rate (around 95% of climbers summit) Mt Kilimanjaro ecosystems Mount Kilimanjaro is also home to some of the most diverse ecosystems in the world. Mount Kilimanjaro is made up of five distinct climate zones.
  • Cultivation
  • Forest
  • Heather-Moorland
  • Alpine Desert
  • Summit climate zones.