15 Days Golf Safari Tour, South Africa

15 Days
Cape Town, South Africa
6 - 10

About this Trip

With a start in the Mother City, you'll discover Constantia's charming vineyards and majestic Table Mountain before continuing your Cape Wineland adventure. From here take an scenic drive along Garden Route via Franschhoek known for its food-and wine capital status; then change scenery entirely when exploring some fascinating landscapes on Panorama rout. You can't travel far without passing vineyards, farms or mountain views that will make you feel like home in Franschhoek! The scenic Garden Route is another must-see before changing scenery entirely for what's waiting just beyond the border: vast landscapes with fascinating gorges along pansores roadways leading up towards Table Mountain itself
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Cape Town, South Africa Discover Cape Town, South Africa
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  • 15 Days Golfing safari
  • DAY - 1-2
  • DAY - 3 - 5
  • DAY - 6 - 7
  • DAY - 8 - 9
  • DAY - 10 - 13
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15 Days Golfing safari

The ultimate golf tour of South Africa is finally here
For those who want to take the scenic route and enjoy some big game viewing, wine tasting and golfing in South Africa then this tour is perfect for you. You’ve been waiting for this! The ultimate golf tour of South Africa is finally here. If you want to play some extraordinary courses in exotic locations, with incredible hospitality and stunning wildlife then look no further than our five star resorts where we will make your vacation one that'll be talked about forever among friends and family alike FULL DAY BY DAY ITINERARY
DAY - 1-2

Cape Town / Steenberg Hotel & Spa  Capturing the beauty of Cape Town is an experience like no other. Whether you're taking in its lively scenes or enjoying some time off at white sandy beaches, there are so many unforgettable experiences waiting for those who visit this historic city A vibrant melting pot with all sorts beautiful locals and visitors alike - Cape town has something special that will leave your heart feeling full after only one weekend spent exploring it's winding streets filled from top-to bottom by life busting activities every day!

DAY - 3 - 5

Franschhoek Wine Valley  / Delaire Graff Lodges & Spa The Franschhoek Wine Valley is a gourmet's dream. With award-winning restaurants and over 50 wineries, it has something for everyone - even those with the most particular tastes! If you're looking to dine organically while exploring this picturesque village on bike or foot then head straight into town from your hotel at Babylonstoren (a few minutes' drive). There are plenty of other activities available too; take part in one of their informative wine tastings hosted by knowledgeable hosts who will teach all about different regions around South Africa during

DAY - 6 - 7

 Overberg  / Arabella Hotel & Spa Those travelling away from Cape Town and over Sir Lowry’s Pass will be in for a treat! Along the Western Cape's south coast, an endless expanse unfolds with stunning views of lush orchards as well breathtaking farmland. The road winds through sweeping hillsides that are punctuated by valleys filled only natural resources like abundant waterfalls; it also goes down river beds where you can spot farmer fishermen casting their nets at midday--a true symbolizing peace on Earth

DAY - 8 - 9

Panorama Route / Oliver's Restaurant & Lodge How far would you travel just to see the most beautiful scenery? If your answer is South Africa, then this article will be an endless journey. The Panorama Route in Mpumalanga province has unparalleled views that are hard to find anywhere else on Earth! You may not know about it or have heard of these incredible areas but now there's no excuse for missing out because we've put together all information needed so go explore nature at its finest near Johannesburg by taking our pointing directions below:

DAY - 10 - 13

Sabi Sand Game Reserve Imagine you are on a luxurious game reserve, deep in the African bush. You have been invited to visit one of South Africa's most exclusive nature destinations- Sabi Sand Game Reserve The pristine scenery and breathtaking views will make your heart sing as it burner wildly with excitement! The best part? This park is just another component that makes up Greater Kruger Area where many different types or animals can be found such great suites for wildlife viewing enthusiasts who want nothing more than an unforgettable experience at home away from their mundane lives back outside...

DAY - 14 - 15

Johannesburg  / Indaba hotel The last leg of your journey is finally here. The time has come for you to board the plane and head off on an exciting new adventure! End of tour.

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15 Days Golf Safari Tour, South Africa

15 Days
Cape Town, South Africa
6 - 10

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