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From barren plains and lush jungles to highland valleys and snow-laden Andean peaks- Bolivia is a land of wonders. Tucked away deep in the heart of South America, Bolivia is relatively untouched and unaffected by mass tourism. Yet, it's South America’s one of the most rewarding destinations.

Thanks to its ancient cultures, stunning natural wonders, and bustling cities; Visit bolivia to gain some unique travel experience in the world. Be it the soaring Andes mountains or the vast Amazon rainforest or extraordinarily beautiful salt flats, Bolivia Travel will reveal you some stunningly beautiful natural landscapes.

These diverse geographical features also offer a multitude of opportunities for carrying out adventurous expeditions; that are mostly not for the faint-hearted. Wondering what some of these scenic Bolivia Destinations offer? Let us guide you through and ensure your trip is one for the ages.


Want to get up close and personal with your favorite place, sit back and relax, or tackle a challenging adventure? Choose your Bolivia Destinations!

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Bolivian Amazon

You get to dive into the heart of South America, as you venture into the Bolivian Amazon. The region's rich biodiversity and vibrant ecosystem create a memorable experience for both nature lovers and adventure seekers.

Best activities

  • Embark on a wildlife-spotting river cruise and explore the jungle on a guided trek
  • Visit indigenous communities and learn about their customs and traditions
  • Participate in birdwatching and photography tours
  • Canopy zip-lining for adrenaline junkies

Bolivian Salar De Uyuni

Discover the world's largest salt flat during Bolivia Travel, Salar de Uyuni, where the vast expanse of white seemingly stretches into infinity. This surreal landscape creates otherworldly vistas, making it a photographer's dream and an adventurer's paradise.

Best activities

  • Take a 4x4 tour across the salt flats
  • Watch the sunrise or sunset for breathtaking views
  • Soak in the natural hot springs at Polques
  • Stargaze during clear nights for an unforgettable experience

Bolivian La Paz

Experience the dizzying heights and vibrant culture of La Paz, the world's highest capital. Nestled among the Andean peaks, this city is a fascinating blend of old and new, with modern high-rises standing alongside ancient cobblestone streets.

Best activities

  • Ride the Mi Teleférico cable car system for stunning views
  • Wander through the Witches' Market and San Pedro Prison
  • Visit the Valley of the Moon and the Muela del Diablo
  • Discover the city's museums and historical sites
  • Sample traditional Bolivian cuisine at local markets and eateries

Bolivian Madidi

Trek through the diverse ecosystems of Madidi National Park, home to a staggering array of flora and fauna. This protected area is one of the most biodiverse places on Earth, offering an unparalleled experience for wildlife enthusiasts.

Best activities

  • Take guided jungle walks to spot unique wildlife
  • Cruise the rivers for caiman and capybara sightings
  • Enjoy a night walk to observe nocturnal creatures
  • Visit local indigenous communities and support eco-tourism
  • Experience birdwatching in one of the world's most diverse avian habitats

Bolivian Lake Titicaca

Experience the magic of Lake Titicaca, the highest navigable lake in the world. Its shimmering waters are steeped in ancient legends and hold deep cultural significance for the indigenous peoples of the region.

Best activities

  • Sail to the mystical Isla del Sol and Isla de la Luna
  • Visit the floating islands of the Uru people
  • Explore the ancient ruins of Tiwanaku
  • Witness the stunning sunsets over the lake

Bolivian Biking Along The Death Road

Conquer one of the world's most dangerous roads on a thrilling bike ride down Bolivia's famous Death Road. This adrenaline-pumping adventure takes you through awe-inspiring landscapes and offers an unforgettable experience for thrill-seekers.

Best activities

  • Bike the 64-kilometre route from La Cumbre to Coroico
  • Take in the stunning views of the Yungas region
  • Stop at the picturesque waterfalls and viewpoints along the way
  • Capture the perfect Instagram-able photo at the famous "Death Road" sign
  • Celebrate your accomplishment with fellow riders at the end of the journey

Though underrated still Bolivia is a remarkable destination. So, consider travelling to this quiet corner of South America to admire its stunning views. The country may not see as many tourists as its neighbours, but Bolivia Travel will reward you with a dazzling variety of landscapes, starting from the jungles of the Amazon to the salt flats of Uyuni. Visit Bolivia and experience South America’s one of the best-kept secrets now!

Bolivia Travel Faq

1 What do I need to know about travelling to Bolivia?

We are going to give you a list of five important facts that you need to know before coming on to Bolivia Tours.

  • Lots of popular tourist places in Bolivia are present in extremely chilly altitudes. However, don’t expect the entire country to be chilly and cold. Some regions, especially the lowland areas can be hot. So, pack the weather appropriately.
  • Bolivia experiences rain in summer. So, if travelling between November and March, expect to get drenched in the afternoon showers.
  • Check Bolivia Visa Requirements when planning a trip to the country as most countries do not require a visa.
  • Always remember to carry cash on Bolivia Travel. This is because cards are only accepted in posh hotels and restaurants.

2 What is the language that is widely spoken in Bolivia?

The official language in Bolivia is Spanish along with some indigenous languages. Around 70% of the native population speaks Spanish. Out of many indigenous languages, the most prominent ones are Quechua (18%) and Aymara (10%).

3 What is the most used currency in Bolivia?

The currency used in Bolivia is Boliviano. Still, travellers on Bolivia Tours can use US dollars for their transactions as most larger cities and stores accept them. Also, tourists visiting Bolivia should be aware that the use of debit cards and credit cards is only prevalent in major cities, hence carrying some amount of cash is advisable.

4 Do I need a visa to visit Bolivia?

Many travellers coming from different nations don¡¯t require a tourist visa to enter Bolivia. They are most likely to get a free entry stamp which is mostly valid for a 30-day stay on arrival. You can see the detailed list of countries that require a visa to come to Bolivia for tourist purposes by visiting the Bolivian immigration department website.

5 When is the Best Time to Travel to Bolivia?

The climate of Bolivia makes it suitable for visiting the country throughout the year. However, most experts believe that the dry season of May to October is the Best Time to Visit Bolivia.

6 What are the most frequently used transportation options within Bolivia?

The most common mode of transportation that is used in Getting Around Bolivia are buses, trains, planes, and boats. The network of buses connecting different areas of the cities makes it easy to commute. Also, taxis are a great option to move around Bolivia as they are cost-friendly and can be accessed easily.

7 How much money should I carry on Bolivia Travel?

Though the amount of money you should carry on Bolivia Trips will depend on the length of your stay in the country. However, as a safe option, it is wise to carry US $ 300-600 per person.

8 How to adjust to higher altitudes on Bolivia Travel?

There are only two ways to adjust yourself to the higher altitudes of Bolivia when travelling the country. First, take your own sweet time and second, expose yourself gradually and slowly to the higher elevation. Moreover, you can drink plenty of water, eat light and comfort food, and avoid alcohol to assist you in acclimatizing to the weather conditions.

9 What are the accommodations options available in Bolivia?

There are several comfortable accommodation options available in Bolivia which include rustic jungle lodges, dormitories, and city hotels. These accommodation options are all equipped with modern conveniences. Also, there are some family-run accommodation options available for the guests.

10 What should I pack for Bolivia Tours?

Due to varied weather, that keeps on changing as per the regions, it is essential to pack diligently for Bolivia Tours. Some essential stuff that must be a part of Bolivia Packing List is plenty of layers and a sleeping bag. For hot days when visiting the Amazon Forest, pack some comfortable, and breathable clothes. And, when visiting the high-altitude areas, don¡¯t forget to carry your good walking shoes and sun protection to keep yourself protected from the rough terrain and harsh rays of the sun, respectively.

Bolivia Travel Tips



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