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Ghana lifted itself from the slave trade and emerged as one of Africa’s top tourist destinations. Starting with a long coastline to its bustling cities and national parks, Ghana offers a lot to explore and experience. So, let’s get take a closer look at what you can expect on your Visit Ghana.


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Ghana Busua Beach

Busua Beach in Ghana, lets you indulge in water-sport activities like surfing. In addition to surfing, here tourists can sunbathe and eat freshly cooked lobster.

Close to this beach, there’re many luxurious hotels you can stay at. And, you can even try out local cuisines from nearby restaurants.

Ghana Mole National Park

Mole National Park is Ghana’s largest National Park, and it abodes more than 90 species of mammals. One of the best parts of visiting this national park is you can spot the elephant while on foot. This national park is home to more than 600 elephants.

Apart from wild elephants, here you can spot Nolan Warthogs and spotted hyenas.

Ghana Laranbanga Mosque

Located to the north of Mole National Park, Laranbanga Mosque is Ghana’s oldest mosque. It is believed that the foundation of this Mosque has been divinely built.

The building of this mosque resembles old Sudanese-style buildings.

Ghana Accra

Ghana ‘s capital, Accra is one of the must-visit destinations on the Ghana Tour. This city abodes more than 2 million people. Here you can explore its bustling markets and Heritage buildings.

Moreover, in this city, you can explore Jamestown, Makola Market and National Museum.

Ghana Wi- waterfall

At 80 meters, Wi-waterfall is the largest waterfall in West Arica.  This waterfall is a four-hour drive away from Accra. Visitors can hike to the lower waterfalls which take around .5 hours to hike.

While on your visit to this waterfall, you can meet the local indigenous people. The best time to visit this waterfall in April to October.

Ghana Canopy Walk

 Kakum National Park is located in Southern Ghana and is home to more than 60 mammal species and 250 bird species. This is not the prime reason to visit Kakum National Park.

What attracts tourists to this national park is the canopy walkway. This canopy walkway is suspended 100 feet above the ground, and 350 meters long. Walking on this walkway, you can witness this national park’s diverse flora and fauna, from a new perspective.

Ghana Cape Coast Castle

Cape Coast Castle was built by Dutch, Portuguese and British Traders, along the country’s coastline.

This is the place where the slaves were chained, and they were translocated to America by ships for slavery. Now, this place is UNESCO Worlds Heritage Site and offers valuable insights into the slave trade.

Cape Coast Castle has been visited by former US president, Barack Obama.

Ghana Skybar

Skybar is the tallest -residential tower in Accra. And standing at the top you can get a spectacular view of the entire capital city. This is a perfect place in Ghana for nigh out and enjoying local fruits and drinks.

Opening hours –

  • Monday – Thursday (4 pm to 12 a.m.)
  • Friday – Saturday (4 pm to 2 am)
  • And on Sunday (3 pm to 12 am)

Ghana,, there’s much more to discover in this country, so why not book a Ghana Tour and see its wonders by yourself?

Ghana Travel Faq

1 Is it safe to travel to Ghana?

Yes, Ghana is a safe country to travel to, but still, travellers on Ghana Tours need to stay cautious and take care of their belongings. Don’t walk at night and don’t accept anything from strangers.

2 What do you need to know before going to Ghana?

All visitors must to Ghana need a visa, and a yellow-fever vaccine certificate is also important. The cost of a Ghana visa is $60.

3 Why Ghana is so popular?

Long sandy beaches, lush national parks and warm friendly people make Ghana so popular. Ghana is also popular for its vibrant culture, rich history and delicious local cuisines.

4 What are some popular destinations to explore in Ghana?

Some popular destinations to explore in Ghana are

  • Cape Coast Castle
  • Mole National Park
  • Will Waterfall
  • Kakum Waterfall
  • And the capital city Accra

5 Is Ghana expensive to travel to?

Ghana is not too much expensive compared to other countries like Kenya, Tanzania. You can spend a week in Ghana by spending less than $2000. For budget travellers spend around $40/day while mid-range travellers spend around $80/day on their Ghana Tour.

6 How much does flying to Ghana from the USA cost?

It costs $1000-$1500 to o fly to Ghana from the USA. It takes 11 hours to fly from Accra (AAC) to New York (NYC).

7 What is the best time to travel to Ghana?

October to March is the best time to travel to Ghana. These months offer the best-game viewing, most parts of this country are easily accessible. The climate around this year remains cooler and less humid.

8 What do I pack for a 7-day trip to Ghana?

Here is a packing list for a 7-day trip to Ghana –

  • 5 Shirts
  • 3-4 shorts
  • 2 dressy outwear
  • 1 pair of sneakers
  • 1 pair of flip-flops
  • 1 hat

9 What is the main airport in Ghana?

Kotoka International Airport is the main international airport in Ghana. This airport is located 8 km southeast of Ghana’s capital city, Accra.

10Can I spot wildlife on Ghana Tour?

Yes, you can spot wildlife on Ghana Tour. To see wildlife, you can visit Mole National Park or Kakum National Park, both these national parks offer, an excellent game-viewing.

Ghana Travel Tips


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