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Norway can be discovered year-round. And, here each season brings its own charm.  The summer lets you explore Norway’s vibrant cities and lets you take part in outdoor activities, meanwhile, the winter takes you close to Northern Lights. As each season has its own to offer, it’s become too hard to decide the Best Time to Go to Norway.

But don’t worry, we got your back. Here is a comprehensive solution to when you should visit Norway.

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Norway season

  • High season- In Norway, Summer (lasts between June to August) is considered the peak season. During the peak season, you may encounter more numbers of tourists. Hence, advanced booking is always recommended in hotels and restaurants. Also, peak season is considered as the best time to go to Norway.
  • Low season – The winter months (from November to April) are low season in Norway. This country experiences harsh weather around this time and the temperature drops down below zero degrees Celsius.
  • Shoulder season – The shoulder season in Norway lasts from May to June (spring) and September to October (Autumn). You can expect warm and pleasant weather around this time of the year.

Norway In Summer

Summer is the perfect time to explore Norway on a road trip. The temperature around this time goes up to 20 Degree Celsius. This is the ideal summer temperature in Norway for sightseeing.

You can expect long and pleasant days around this time. Apart from the road trips, Summer is Norway is also ideal for water-sport activities such as swimming and kayaking.

By the way summer in this country lasts from June to August.

Major Event – the Norwegian International Film Festival (in August)

Norway In Winter

May be good for outdoor activities, as temperature drops below zero degrees Celsius, but winter in Norway is magical. The Christmas decoration lights up Norway in a vibrant way.

The Tromso International Film Festival and Nordlyfestivalen (Northern Lights Festival) are two major events, that will keep you busy during this period. Norway also hosts unique activities like reindeer and dog-sledging.

If you want to explore Norway in winter, stay well-prepared and carry waterproof boots and heavier sweaters.

Winter in Norway lasts from November- April.


Norway In Autumn

 Autumn is the perfect time in Norway to go on hiking. You can hike to Pulpit Rock and even Trolltunga (these are two famous hiking spots in Norway). Autumn paints Norway in different shades, yellow, red and orange. The average temperature in Norway remains between 6 degrees Celsius.

This is the time when Norwegians celebrate fully. And Bergen International Fil Festival is held at the end of September.

Autumn in Norway is the perfect time to watch spectacular northern lights.

As each season caters for a different purpose in Norway, you can plan your Norway Tour according to availability and choices. But, your time of travel really does not matter in Norway. This means no matter what time you visit, Norway will never disappoint.

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