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There is so much choice nowadays when you are trying to plan a holiday that it is often difficult to decide exactly where to go and what to do. And that's where we step in, to take the hassle away!

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Kenya is a country rich in history, culture, and natural beauty. It's located in East Africa, with the Indian Ocean to the southeast and sharing borders with Tanzania, Uganda, South Sudan, Ethiopia, and Somalia.

Kenya boasts a diverse landscape, ranging from snow-capped mountains to vast savannahs teeming with wildlife. The people of Kenya are warm and welcoming, with over 40 ethnic groups, each with its unique traditions, languages, and customs.


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Are you a keen birder? Or do you really want to do on a walking safari? Whatever your special interest, we can help you plan a tailored safari to your preference. We have information and inspiration on canoe safaris, conservation safaris, photography-focused trips and more.

Africa Top Safaris

Here, we aim to inspire you with our safari guides, called the "Top Safaris". From the most luxurious of lodges in existence to the quintessential parks to visit, we've got it all. Take a look at our guides, and if you would like to chat with one of the team, simply give us a ring or contact us through the enquiry form.


Africa Trip ideas

Crafted by our experts, these are just some example trips that you could consider. Some are purely safari adventures, while other itineraries might be a safari + beach combination. Whichever or whatever you'd like to include in your bespoke safari, just let us know when you enquiry and we can start creating a holiday that is suited to you.

Africa Wildlife

Do you have a particular animal you would like to see on safari? Maybe witness the Great Migration? Or spend some time in the presence of elephants? We've put together a few guides on the best places to spot our favourite wildlife.


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For the ultimate inspiration, take a look at our guides written by our knowledgeable and experienced safari specialists. These helpful articles and handy guides give you a glimpse into what you could include on your tailor-made safari to Africa.



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