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Peru is a country that will captivate your senses and take your breath away! From the soaring peaks of the Andes to the mysterious ruins of Machu Picchu, from the vast expanse of the Amazon rainforest to the bustling streets of Lima, Peru is a country full of awe-inspiring natural beauty, rich history, and vibrant culture.

No Matter if you're heading to explore the entire country or just focusing on a particular area, our Peru Travel Guide will help get you well-equipped for the trip of a lifetime. Discover the best places to visit, and top things to do, and uncover the hidden gems as well on your Peru Tours.

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The first thing you need to know before embarking on a Trip To Peru is the entry requirements. Fortunately, for most nationalities, a visa is not required!

  • Only a select few countries in Asia and Africa plus some in Central America need to apply for a tourist visa in advance.
  • Don't know if your country needs a visa? Check your government's travel website for the latest rules.
  • Also, make sure your passport won't expire within the next 6 months, and you're good to go!

PeruHow To Get

The most common way to Getting To Peru is to fly into Jorge Chávez Airport in Lima. However, remember that there are no direct flights from the UK to Peru, and you may have to stop in Europe or the US.

  • To find the best flights, you can use Skyscanner to explore different options with various stopovers, including Cusco, Lima, and Trujillo airports.
  • If you're flying into Lima, it's highly recommended that you use an official Taxi Green service or take the bus transfer to Miraflores.
  • Alternatively, you can travel to Peru by land via South America. There are bus services available from neighbouring countries such as Brazil, Ecuador, Colombia, Bolivia, and Chile.

PeruWhere To Go in

Peru is a land of diverse landscapes, vibrant cultures, and ancient history. There, you will find some beautiful places for adventure during your Peru Tours. Those are:

  • Cusco: The ancient Inca capital, known for its stunning architecture and history. Also the gateway to Machu Picchu.
  • Machu Picchu: One of the most famous and breathtaking archaeological sites in the world, located in the Andes mountains.
  • Lima: Peru's capital, renowned for its world-class cuisine, fascinating history, and vibrant culture.
  • Arequipa: Known as the "White City" due to its stunning colonial architecture built from white volcanic stone. Also a gateway to the Colca Canyon.
  • Amazon Rainforest: A vast and biodiverse region spanning multiple countries, including Peru. Perfect for nature lovers and adventure seekers.
  • Lake Titicaca: The highest navigable lake in the world, shared by Peru and Bolivia.

These are just a few of the many amazing destinations that Peru has to offer. You can head to visit many others as per your preferences.


PeruThings To Do In

Peru is a playground for adventure seekers! Get your heart pumping with outdoor Activities In Peru like trekking ancient trails, whitewater rafting, and dune-buggy rides through the desert.

  • Hike and climb in popular areas like the Colca Canyon and the Cordillera Blanca.
  • Canoe or whitewater raft down the Rio Urubamba, with access to river grades from 2 to 5.
  • Join a guided cycling tour in Huaraz or Cusco, or catch some waves at world-renowned surf spots.
  • Don't miss out on the adventure of a lifetime in Peru! Check out Good Earth Expeditions for guided trips or more comprehensive listings.

So, let's get ready to explore the land of the Incas! Plan your Peru Tours and Travel today with us and discover the endless adventure that this South American gem has to offer!

PeruMachu Picchu

Machu Picchu, a true marvel of ancient architecture, is an absolute must-visit destination when in Peru. However, timing your visit wisely can significantly enhance your experience.

  • During the high season, from June to September, the Valle Sagrado region teems with tourists, making it challenging to avoid crowds.
  • For those planning to Visit Peru during the high season, it's crucial to book several months in advance to secure a spot on the trail, given its immense popularity. Alternatively, the period from October to April offers a quieter atmosphere in the area, although it is also the wetter season.
  • For a perfect blend of favourable weather and fewer crowds, May stands out as an excellent choice. This marks the end of the rainy season, with the skies turning bright and clear, allowing for breathtaking views of Machu Picchu and its surroundings.

When planning your visit to Peru, consider the time of year that best aligns with your preferences.


PeruVisit Lima

When planning your Trip To Peru and aiming to explore the vibrant city of Lima, consider the period between December and March for an optimal experience.

  • During these months, Lima is at its best, boasting bright, sunny skies that create a picturesque backdrop for strolling through its colonial architecture and coastal parks.
  • If you choose to visit Lima between April and November, you may encounter a blanket of grey mist that often hangs over the city. For those who seek warmth and pleasant temperatures, December to March is the warmest period of the year in Lima. This makes it an ideal time to indulge in outdoor activities.

Plan your Peru adventure now and seize the perfect moment to explore this captivating land. Unveil the wonders of Peru at the best time, book your Peru Tours today with us!

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